Our Quality

Mangoes in India are considered a very special fruit and Indians are definitely mango connoisseurs. They search for the best mangoes that will satisfy all the senses. They enjoy debating the merits of sweetness, aroma, texture and aesthetics whenever they eat the king of fruit.”

Global Gap

Our knowledge of Indian mangoes is unparalleled and is a critical aspect when selecting the best fruit. We choose our mangoes from Global GAP (or in assessment) orchards and have meticulous processing that guarantees consistent presentation, fruit quality and delivery. All our mangoes are delivered by airfreight  direct to our customers.

Picking and Packing

Our growers know their products intimately and we listen to their advice regarding the best time and conditions to pick. We transport at night when the temperatures are cooler, which increases shelf life and consistent quality. Our packing houses are fully accredited and we work tirelessly to ensure hygienic and accurate packing according to strict specifications.

Rapid, on-time delivery

We are proud of delivering table quality products to your door within 72 hours from picking for airfreight consignments. We believe reliability is as important as our consistent, high quality and so we guarantee to meet your demands for order delivery.