Mangoes for Maharajahs

“The best mangoes in India used to be reserved for Maharajahs and their families. Times have changed and now anyone can enjoy the taste of the most amazing fruit you can imagine. Ancient Hindu texts mention mangoes as a healthy fruit of choice and a perfectly ripe mango is often held by Lord Ganesha as a symbol of potential perfection.”

Fruit of the Gods

The blossoms of the mango tree are given as gifts to Hindu Gods and the fruit is often used in sacred offerings and special meals. Mango leaves are used to decorate doorways and archways in houses and temples during festivals and weddings. Mango fruit and leaf images are widely used in many forms of art and design including cashmere shawls and saris. Indian writers and poets have featured mangoes since ancient times, so it is no surprise that mangoes are considered more than just a fruit.

4000 years of mangoes

Some people believe that the many stories of mangoes in Indian ancient texts suggest the existence of this amazing fruit on the Indian sub-continent before anywhere else in the world. Biologists agree, estimating that mango cultivation in India is more than 4000 years old.