Who is Aamango?

“We have always loved India, her vibrant, intoxicating, tumult of colour, aromas and flavours. More than thirty years ago we first enjoyed the succulent, mouth watering mangoes grown across the country and whenever we came home, we dreamed of them.”

Our Favourite Fruit – Mangoes!

We decided that we could not live without our favourite fruit while at home in Barcelona, and we wanted to share the unique flavour of the many varieties found across India. In 2008, we began researching where we could find the best fruit to export to Europe. So we found quality growers who could provide consistent and careful fruit selection. Overcoming the major challenge of moving fresh fruit from orchard to Europe as quickly as possible meant we could ensure perfect sweetness, taste and shelf-life.

The second generation

The second generation of our family company shares our love of India and her exotic flavours. The knowledge and skills we have learnt with mangoes have helped us research new varieties of vegetables and fruits. Over time we are slowly expanding our range of products so that all share the same distinctive quality and freshness.

Fusion cuisine

The greatest fusion chefs around the world enjoy exploring the essence of taste, aroma and texture of ingredients. Combining the best produce of India with western dishes is an original and delicious way to enjoy our products. Our love of fusion formed our name, in India ‘aam’ means mango, creating a blend of east and west and our favourite fruit in the world.