• Characteristics and uses

    One of Asia’s favourite vegetables, Okra, has a thin, smooth skin covered with short, soft hairs. The entire vegetable is edible and is often used as a replacement for eggplant in recipes.

  • Appearance

    Okra pods have a distinctive hexagonal, lantern shape and are sometimes called “lady’s fingers”. A short, soft hair covers the outside of the skin and which is a deep verdant green colour.

  • Flesh

    A crisp texture is ideal for nearly all types of cooking from stir fry to slow cooked ragouts and ratatouies. A naturally occuring viscous juice acts as a mild thickening agent to sauces.

  • Taste

    Subtle, tender aromas with a bittersweet flavour make okra an ideal partner vegetable in most dishes and a frequent  substitute for eggplant.

On Sale: October to June